Nearing Midnight: EMP and Gog

Nearing Midnight: EMP and Gog – Terry James –

It’s a frightening thing to consider. For the most technologically endowed nation to ever exist on planet Earth, it would be a nightmare of almost unimaginable proportion. I’m referring to an attack on the U.S. by EMP -electromagnetic pulse-about which there continues to be much chatter in the cybersphere. Most feared is a nuclear blast that could interact with the ionosphere, the shell of electrons and electrically charged particles surrounding Earth, to create a series of electromagnetic pulses that could reach across the North American continent, according to the scientists who study such matters.

In such an apocalyptic scenario, an American enemy would explode a nuclear weapon a certain number of miles above a central point above the continent. This would cause everything that is controlled by electronic circuitry to fail, bringing society and culture as we have known them to an instantaneous conclusion. All modern transportation would be stopped, with planes falling from the air. Car engines and circuitry would cease to function. From the sophisticated technologies of the hospitals, banks, and electric power-generating plants to the electronically powered, smallest conveniences such as coffeemakers, all would be instantly fried, and we would be sent back to the 1850s in a millisecond, according to the experts.

There would be no more TV watching, electronic devices to play music, no cell phone talk, or texting! Now, I know that last bit got your attention. The only positive might be that car accidents caused by texting would cease to occur. For sure, the insurance industry would be out of business. Their electronic files on the texting-caused accidents would be no more…

The stores would be out of food within a day because the vehicles to resupply would no longer be operating. Whoever could get to the shelves first on foot or bicycle would get the quickly disappearing grocery items. Water and sewer systems would begin to undergo contamination and disease would begin to spread.

Those who warn of such things worry that America’s military capabilities would be degraded to the point the U.S. would have no course of action that would protect the nation from invasion. The military machinery and personnel would be as adversely affected as would we civilians.

It is indeed a nightmare to consider.

This is all predicated upon the postulation that it would be an enemy nation or possibly terrorist group that would attack with EMP. However, America has nuclear submarines and many other assets that–like in the case of the cold war and MAD (Mutually Assured Destruction)-would devastate any enemy who dared to knock out the American power grid. Even if the enemy could not be determined-such as if al Qaida launched an EMP off a freighter on the Atlantic coast-there are automatic responses programmed that make any enemy think twice before attempting such an untried assault on the most awesome war-making entity ever to exist.

Well, maybe that doesn’t exactly apply any longer. Remember Tuesday, September 11, 2001. Those nineteen terrorists did not seem to regard the awesomeness of America’s military. It’s true they have paid the price for the attack. But the price we’ve paid since is far greater. Not just in the trillions of dollars spent and still being spent, but in lives lost and continuing to be lost.

Disregarding such an enemy for the moment, the experts tell us we face the possibility of an EMP attack from the cosmos. Now, there’s something to truly be concerned about!

Solar flares are the real danger, according to the scientists involved in study of this sort of EMP assault. These coronal mass ejections are enormous sun eruptions of super-hot plasma that spews charged particles across the solar system. They do the same sort of damage that the nuclear weapon EMPs might do, as I understand it.

The Earth is in a period of high likelihood for these types of coronal mass ejections for the rest of 2013 and all of 2014, according to the scientists-authorities on such things. Although Congress has been given ways to help prepare for damage such EMP events can do, there has apparently been little interest from that quarter in making preemptive preparation. We remember the same sorts of fears and warnings about the year 2000–Y2K–event. In that instance billions of dollars were thrown into fixing the feared problems.

This time around, unlike in the case of the Y2K scare, the mainstream media seems to have all but ignored the EMP concerns. Even peripheral media cable networks and other such media have remained silence. Only the blogosphere is alive with details of the possibility of impending doom.

My own thought is that the Lord is and has always been in complete control of the fate of individuals, nations, and the entire Earth-which He created. That’s why there hasn’t been all-out warfare-nuclear war. That’s why there hasn’t been an EMP event that sets us back to the 1850s or so…

However, there is a prophetic thought that has nagged for a long time. That’s all it is-a thought.

Salem Kirban wrote the novel 666 in the 1960s. He portrayed the Ezekiel 38-39 Gog-Magog attack as being waged totally like the Scripture depicts. There were only horses, bucklers, shields, etc., as they stormed like a cloud to cover the land as the Gog forces raged toward Jerusalem. All modern weaponry had been rendered useless-I can’t remember why or how.

An EMP event from Earth’s sun could apparently make Mr. Kirban’s novel truly prophetic, if all we’ve been told about EMP is correct.

The way things are shaping in that region of the world should alert us that maybe we don’t have too long to wait to find out about how Bible prophecy plays out.