Heartlessness and the End Times

As Daniel’s 70th week draws near Christians will undoubtedly be victims of much heartless behavior. This hatred is inspired by Satan and his minions; he hates Christians because we represent Christ.

Noah, Lot, and Us

The days of Noah were filled with evil. It was all around and even touched the animals. It became so evil that God was forced to destroy all men, women, children, and animals.

Living Among the Wolves

Who are the wolves? They are Satan’s followers… all unbelievers. Does that sound harsh? Does it sound as if I believe that non-Christians are on a wide path that leads to destruction? I do.

The Walking Dead

We see them everywhere. They are people we work with, doctors, teachers, bus drivers, our own family members, the list goes on. If they have not accepted Christ’s free gift of salvation, they are the walking dead.