Invasion: Israel-Is Life Imitating Art?

By: Stephen Yulish


Invasion: Israel-Is Life Imitating Art

When my novel, Invasion: Israel, was released in late 2004, I had no idea how timely it would become. At that time, Israel had withdrawn from southern Lebanon and Prime Minister Sharon was talking of vacating settlements in Gaza and the West Bank in an effort to secure peace. Hezbollah and Hamas were thorns in Israel’s side but they were content to send suicide bombers to blow up innocent Israeli men, women and children. The thought of rockets raining down on Haifa was unthinkable, and the possibility of rockets loaded with weapons of mass destruction targeting Tel Aviv was a thought too horrible to even consider. All that is now a distinct possibility and the reality of the Muslim desire to wipe out the Jews from their Holy land is there for all to see. They do not want peace. They have never wanted peace. Just read Invasion: Israel and see how I wrote of a rocket that hits Tel Aviv filled with smallpox and kills thousands. Is life imitating art? Read on.

In my novel, Professor Jacobson is teaching a beginning comparative religions class at a local university. He informs the class that while he is Jewish and teaches Jewish Studies, he will try and be objective for this beginning, required lecture class. He is interrupted by a Libyan student, Mustafa, who tells him how his relatives lost their land to the Zionist invaders and how they would liberate those lands once again. When Professor Jacobson tells Mustafa that God gave that land to the Jewish people, Mustafa responds with the diatribe- “what is your God a Century 21 Agent?”

News arrives to the classroom that a huge earthquake has just leveled the El Aqsa Mosque and Dome on the Rock in Jerusalem. Mustafa believes that it was the Israelis and starts yelling “death to the Infidels, death to the Zionists…jihad…jihad.” The entire class is disrupted and the chaos begins.

Soon afterwards, people suddenly disappear from all over the world. Prof. Jacobson looks on in wide eyed amazement as his Christian students are suddenly gone. Their clothes, jewelry, and any artificial devices on their person are left behind, but they are gone. The skies are filled with UFOs.

A long range rocket slams into Tel Aviv carrying smallpox and tens of thousands die. The Israeli Prime Minister cannot be found and is feared to have been abducted. The Israeli Defense Minister gives the order to nuke Baghdad where the rocket was thought to have originated. Hezbollah, with Syrian backing, begins lobbing rockets from southern Lebanon into a wounded Israel, and Damascus is leveled by an Israeli nuclear bomb. America is also attacked as Los Angeles is devastated by a terrorist setting off a WMD carrying smallpox.

Does this not look like what may happen right here and right now? We have radical Islamic terrorism carried to the extreme. Tel Aviv is hit with a rocket carrying a WMD and thousands die. Our own Los Angeles is ravaged by a WMD that is exploded killing thousands. It could happen tomorrow. What will we do? What can we do?

The President, Vice President and Secretary of State have all disappeared as have members of Congress, the military and thousands of government workers. The government comes to a standstill and cannot respond to the ongoing crises.

Terrorists destroy the Washington Monument, the Statue of Liberty, the Hoover Dam, and the Golden Gate Bridge. Planted evidence left behind implicates the Israelis. Gasoline prices skyrocket and the Jews are blamed. The stock market crashes and there is a run on the banks and the Jews are blamed. Jews are crucified all over the country by gangs of Muslim thugs.

A yellow haired, pointed head scientist out of Switzerland comes up with a cure for HIV/AIDS and he becomes a world hero in the midst of all the chaos. His charismatic appeal is so powerful that he becomes a world figure overnight. He gets on worldwide TV and says to America:

“Beware of the Jewish menace. With all the Christians gone,

the remaining people of the book are trying to destroy what

is left of your country…We cannot let your nation be polluted

by these vermin…They crucified the man of peace from Nazareth.

We need to crucify them…our brothers in Al-Qaeda, Hamas, Hezbollah,

and the PLA have kept the armed struggle against these vermin alive.”

The Jewish killing fields began anew all across America and over the entire world. Professor Jacobson, his wife, and his remaining students experience all of this horror and eventually find themselves in Israel as the end approaches.

When the great earthquake leveled the Temple Mount area, the Israelis found hundreds of talents of gold and silver and a mass of precious stones buried underneath. This Solomon’s treasure is worth billions and the fanatical Muslims want it as reparation for the destruction of Baghdad and Damascus. The Islamic Republics of the former USSR, along with Iran, Turkey, Libya and Sudan band together to create a tank armada that would invade Israel, destroy it once and for all, and take the spoil for themselves. Egypt and Jordan decline to participate and Syria is no more. A Russian General, a six foot ten, three hundred pound modern day Goliath with red flowing hair and huge white teeth, would lead them into battle. His mother had been an Afghani Muslim whom his father had met while the Russians occupied her country.

General Gogovitch yells:

“They are pigs and sons of monkeys. They deserve to die a cruel death…

Death to the Jews, death to the infidels. We are finally ready to invade

Palestine and recapture this land for Allah. For there is no God but Allah

and Muhammad is his prophet… We will crush the Jews beneath our

treads and their blood will run all over the land  until the entire country

turns red. We will execute vengeance for all those holy martyrs that they

killed… These vermin will be driven off of the land into the sea... We

will sit on the holy Mount of Omar once again in Jerusalem, on the spot

where Muhammad rode his horse to heaven, on the rock where Abraham

was going to sacrifice his son Ishmael. We will avenge all the martyrs

butchered by the Israeli infidels. We will set up Shari’ a law all over the

world. Roll over them and never look back. If you die a martyr for

Allah, you will be in Paradise with 72 virgins.”

The Islamic tank armada rolls into Israel at Metulla and then proceeds into KFar Giladi, Kiryat Shemona, Gonen, Rosh Pina, Ayelet Hashachar and finally approaches Safed. The Israelis are waiting there for a major battle and have their Merkaba main battle tanks and Apache helicopters ready. The skies have been filled with ash as volcanoes are going off all over the world thus grounding their air force. As General Gogovitch and his tank armada approach, the Israelis wait to engage them. Suddenly, some rockets are fired from amidst General Gogovitch’s armada which contains nuclear material from Saddam Hussein’s supposed non existent arsenal of WMDs. The entire Israeli defense force is obliterated.

As the end of the Israelis and all of western civilization nears, General Gogovitch rallies his men once last time as his huge white teeth flash in the chilly sunlight.

“We will drive the vermin Jews into the sea once

and for all. There will be no turning back this time.

We will annihilate them all or die. This jihad is

for our Palestinian brothers and our Iraqi brothers

and our Syrian brothers whom these vermin have

killed without mercy or regret…Let us see what

their god will do to rescue them this time. He cannot

part the Red Sea again to save them. He cannot bring

forth another David to save them. He will fail this time

because Allah is the only true God and Muhammad is

his prophet… We will kill their men, women and

children like they did to us in Jenin, Ramallah, Gaza,

Kabul, Baghdad, and Damascus. They are pigs and

sons of monkeys. They deserve to die a cruel death.

Death to the Jews-death to the infidels.”

If you want to find out what happens to the people of Israel, then you will need to read my novel, Invasion: Israel. You can find it as well as my earlier novel The Great Harpazo Deception and all my articles at

God Bless,

Stephen Yulish

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