Mid-East Update

In Syria, the opposition is fragmenting as newly arrived Taliban fighters from Afghanistan have joined with alQaeda in what looks like an attempt to hijack the Free Syrian Army’s rebellion against the Assad government.


Last year, I sent out to my large email list some of my salient thoughts concerning the possible prophetic significance of the dramatic events that have been unfolding in recent years here in the turbulent Middle East and elsewhere on planet earth.

Occupant turns Middle East into homeowners association

Friday, March 22, 2013 Occupant turns Middle East into homeowners association I have never liked homeowners associations. Like the one where we live right now. I can’t paint my house, put up a fence, change the landscaping in my driveway, add on to my house, put up a car port, practice my shooting, cut down…

Prophetic Symbolism from Israel

Thursday, March 21, 2013 Prophetic Symbolism from Israel The media covering the Occupant of the Oval Office’s trip to Israel is prophetic symbolism, probably unbeknownst to them. Certainly, the news media is like most people and some pastors in that they do no know the Bible or what they know of it is steeped in…