Nearing Midnight: Climate Change Rhetoric Is Heating Up

Nearing Midnight: Climate Change Rhetoric Is Heating Up – Todd Strandberg –

Never mind the brutally cold winter that brought historical low temperatures to the eastern U.S. or the polar vortex that froze over the Great Lakes for the first time in living memory; scientists from NASA and NOAA are warning that 2014 may turn out to be the warmest year ever. These same scientists have already declared that 2013 was one of the 10 hottest years on record; despite the fact that North America had its coldest spring ever.

The reason why this year is predicted to be in the running for the title of the “warmest ever” is because of a forecast of a strong El Niño in the Pacific Ocean. “We have above-normal temperatures in the tropical Pacific Ocean and that often precedes an El Niño because there’s a large volume of above-average water temperature below the surface of the ocean,” Anthony Barnston, chief forecaster for the International Research Institute for Climate and Society, told ABC News.

I do understand that earth’s climate system is much larger than the U.S., so it’s possible to be cold in one place while it is hotter in another region. Since this is the third year in a row that America has had cold winters, I would ask the people at NASA and NOAA to double check their math. If the earth was warming up, I would expect to have a string of warm days at some point in winter.

The only nation that reported prolonged record heat in the past year is Australia. The folks down under confirmed that 2013 was the hottest year in more than a century of standardized records. All other zones reported temperatures that were slightly warmer than the normal average.

Climatologists did make a smart move by switching from global warming to climate change. I remember at least two conferences on global warming being postponed because of snow storms. Since one-hundred-percent of the problem with green house gas is the warming effect that it has on the globe, switching to something generic seems counterproductive to the cause. It’s like doctors telling patients they may have a health anomaly to avoid telling them they may have cancer.

Up until the latter part of 2007, there were some strong signs of global warming. During the past six years, various regions of the world have experienced cold snaps. Here is a log of several examples:

2008: Areas of China and central Asia saw snow for the first time in living memory.
2009: The American Great Lakes had one of its coolest summers on record.
2010: Record low temperatures chilled Florida from top to bottom.
2010: Deadly record cold hit Argentina, Uruguay, and Chile.
2011: Nowata, Oklahoma set a new record low for the entire state at -31 F.
2011: South Korea had the coldest weather in 96 years.
2012: Jim River, AK reached the all-time-record coldest temperature of -80°.
2013: China experienced its coldest January in decades.
2013: Germany had its coldest March, since 1883.
2013: This year was the coldest average spring ever in the U.S.
2013: NASA records the coldest temp ever: -135.8 degrees in Antarctica.
2014: Chicago had is coldest November to March, ever.

I often wonder what will happen when we eventually have a blazing hot summer. If lefties are able to stay true to their faith in the face of all these counterproductive weather events, I can’t imagine how they would react when the climate turns their way. People have been fired from various universities for questioning the validity of global warming. A professor at the Rochester Institute of Technology wants to send climate change deniers to jail.

Anyone with a basic understanding of Bible prophecy should know that global warming, even if true, will ultimately be one of mankind’s least important worries. There are plenty of coming judgments that will cause far greater damage to the earth.

All these tree huggers and environmentalists fail to grasp that this planet will still be here a 1000 years from now. Jesus, Himself will purify the earth with fire. Unless someone has dealt with their sinful condition, they wouldn’t be around to see God restore the earth to its pre-fall glory.

“For what is a man profited, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul? Or what shall a man give in exchange for his soul?” (Matthew 16:26).