Nearing Midnight: Month of Destiny Conclusion

Nearing Midnight: Month of Destiny Conclusion – Terry James –

Beginning about September 13 and thereafter there will likely come upon the United States and upon the world some kind of direct Judgment for anti-God activities that take mankind ever farther from the Creator. This, I infer, is the belief of many within biblical prophecy circles, based upon the articles I’ve read and upon the tremendous number of emails I’ve received.
I’ve been asked dozens of times over the past few months my opinion on what will come of such things as this being the Shemitah year, in consideration of all the coalescing signals that something dramatic will happen beginning September of 2015. Some of those things are included in the following partial list. My thanks to my good friend Daymond Duck for his article outlining these.[1]
* Sept. 13: The end of the Sabbatical year (at sundown on Sept. 13) and the date that a highly respected ultra-Orthodox Jewish Rabbi named Chaim Kanievsky says Israel ‘s Messiah will arrive.
* Sept. 13: The Shemitah year (also called a Sabbath year, or a Sabbatical year, or the seventh year of the agricultural cycle) ends at sundown on Sept. 13. It is associated with financial issues; debt forgiveness; economic problems, etc. Author Jonathan Cahn submits that the cycles suggest possible problems for this time frame. In recent history, past national and global economic sharp downturns have occurred as part of these cycles.
* Sept.13-15: Rosh Hashanah (also called the Jewish New Year or the Feast of Trumpets) begins at sundown on Sept. 13 and ends at sundown on Sept. 15. Some (not all) prophecy teachers believe the Rapture could occur at the end of Rosh Hashanah this year or next year or some year.
* Sept.15: The purported military drill called Joint Assistance for Development and Execution (JADE) Homeland Eradication of Local Militants (HELM) is supposed to end. (Some believe this is possibly an exercise for martial law in case of civil anarchy.)
* Sept.15: The seventieth UN General Assembly will begin meeting. Sometime while these meetings are taking place, France is expected to present a resolution to the UN Security Council to divide the Promised Land (two-state solution) and to force a peace treaty on Israel and the PA.
* Sept. 22-23: Yom Kippur (also called the Day of Atonement or the Feast of Atonement) begins at sundown on Sept. 22. This will mark the beginning of the next year of Jubilee (the fiftieth year). In Jewish calendar terms, this time, among other things, is to require a renewed focus on things of God.
* Sept. 28: The Feast of Tabernacles and the fourth blood moon in the current Tetrad will take place on this date. Several major prophetic events have happened just before or just after other blood moon Tetrads. The Jewish Talmud (not the Bible) says blood moons are a sign of war in Israel . Several major end-of-the-age wars are mentioned in the Bible and some prophecy teachers believe some or all of these could soon occur.
Those who have written articles on these matters express in most cases the Supreme Court’s backing of same-sex marriage and other recent decisions that take America farther away from God’s influence as being primary in their thinking on why judgment is about to fall and why September of this year is when it is likely to begin. These articles, among other means of delivering the ominous forewarnings, have prompted many emailers to write.
One writes, in part:
In lieu of the many dire warnings about this Sept/Oct period, Shemitah, blood moons, economic collapse, etc. do you think the Rapture will precede the NWO being established or we will be whisked away before full implementation?… There is so much misinterpretation, fear porn and outright deceit being bandied about, I wondered if you had a chronology in mind other than an imminent Rapture? It’s been imminent now for decades.
Another writes, in part:
As I’m sure you know the internet is ablaze with all the September dates and happenings that seem to be pointing towards some form of major event. At the UN we have the forging of a two state solution and the Pope’s speech. Movies that have for years been pointing towards some type of calamity (mainly in NYC) slated for 9/23/15 and of course CERN restarting on the 23rd of September with the design of opening a portal to another dimension. Before knowing much about the above I scheduled a business trip to New York City (that would be very costly for me to reschedule) for the week of September 21 thru 25…the last item above (CERN) probably scares me the most…but overall do you put much stock in the culmination of all these September events (including the super Shemitah)?
Yet another expresses his thoughts about the worry over the month of September 2015:
“Unfortunately it seems that lately I have read a number of news articles that were posted on RR and written by folks who seem to be Christian but seem to have no idea of the concept of the Rapture. They bellow on and on about how bad things are now or will be soon yet they can’t offer any hope, much less mention THE BLESSED HOPE of the Rapture.”
My thoughts are just that…my thoughts. They are based upon observation of these troubled times, after prayer, and under the light and template of God’s prophetic Word. I haven’t received special words of knowledge or dreams–that is, extrabiblical revelations– as, apparently, have some recipients of such privileged communication whose emails I’ve found in my Inbox from time to time.
However, I continue to maintain that the (medically documented) clinical death I suffered Good Friday of 2011 brought me face to face with a cheering throng of young, heavenly beings (the Hebrews 12: 1-3 cloud of witnesses who validated the general tenets of my thoughts on eschatological matters yet future as partially expressed below). The series I wrote on all of this–several months before my medical crisis– was “Scanning a Fearful Future” for a series of ten articles.
Here, then, are some of my thoughts on what I give the title “Month of Destiny”:
While many things of Jewish holy day activities punctuate this September, and numerous events geopolitical and even that involving astrophysical are scheduled beginning around the middle of the month, I cannot help but being drawn back to my earlier thought. “Circumstance does not control god; God Controls circumstance.” Every anticipated event of catastrophic nature in these times so near the end of the Church Age (Age of Grace) has failed to happen. It is as if there is a supernatural force preventing what should be beyond any doubt a natural outcome of impending circumstance. For one example, the financial bubble continues to build on a worldwide basis. The financial powers that be have thrown trillions of dollars at the problems but admitted just the other day that it has all failed to fix anything, rather probably has exacerbated the economic woes at every fiscal level.
Stock-market fluctuations and other financial uncertainties of very recent days punctuate the effects of these manipulations.
For other examples, tensions have built in the Middle East to the point that we are now at as explosive a time as any in history. The Islamist fanatics are raging throughout the region–and throughout much of Europe to a growing extent. Iran–ancient Persia–threatens God’s chosen nation, Israel, with extinction every day through the words of its Supreme Leader and mullahs. This they promise when they get the ability to carry out such action. They are about to be handed that capability.
Yet Israel remains calm and reserved in its response, even though its once-staunch American ally seems to be turning against the Jewish state.
Russia threatens Ukraine and NATO, as well as the U.S., almost like in the good ol’ Soviet days. China, melting down economically, is threatening its Asian neighbors–and the rest of us through cyber attacks and military build-up.
Despite all of the above, the world wags on. It is basically business as usual.
There has been no cataclysmic bursting of the dam of circumstance–as there should have been by now. All agree, however, that this status quo can’t go on. Something has to give and there will be tremendous global impact when it happens–whatsoever happens.
This month of September looks to be the beginning of what could be a year when the status quo bubble could burst, according to all circumstances and to most Bible prophecy observers of the pre-mil/pre-trib viewpoint. However, I’m convinced we are at the time unlike any other in history. The time for God’s corrective action, I believe, is over for this dispensation. It is His judgment and wrath that are about to be unleashed upon a rebellious world–and an unrepentant America.
What the world faces next is not God’s corrective action, such as when, I’m convinced, the Lord allowed the Dust Bowl and Great Depression of the 1930s as a disciplining measure following the time of the Roaring Twenties. Next will come His judgment and wrath.
Jesus said that times will be business as usual when He next Intervenes catastrophically into the affairs of mankind. It will be just like it was in Noah’s pre-Flood days and in Lot’s days in Sodom. The very day God took those men and their families to safety, God’s judgment fell. Again, Jesus said judgment fell that very day! (Read again Matthew 24: 36-42 and Luke 17: 26-30.)
Most of the world–as I wrote earlier, even the majority of the born again–is oblivious to impending judgment. Again, the Lord said that His coming will be as a snare to the whole world. It will be a complete surprise. He said it would be at a “think not” time (Matthew 24:44).
If there were an economic cataclysm or a war of catastrophic proportion, the world would not be in that “think not” configuration. It would take years, perhaps decades, for things to get back into the world’s current configuration if such disasters occurred.
Nonetheless, most who don’t have their heads in the proverbial sand agree that the world cannot wag on as it is. It is about to implode or explode, depending upon one’s view of the coming eruption. I agree with that assessment.
My own thought is that if there is to be global financial meltdown this month, or any other month in the relatively near future, or if there is to be world-shaking warfare this year, next, or near future, it will be the Rapture, not man’s folly, that will initiate the age-ending cataclysm.
God, Himself, is holding back world-rending circumstance, I’m of the opinion. He is not willing that any should perish but that all should come to repentance. We should be working in His service as never before to lift Christ so that many will be drawn to Him for salvation.
Jesus said that moment of His suddenly breaking in on an unexpecting world will come at a time “ye think not” (Matthew 24: 44). I doubt that September 13, 15, 23, or any of those dates are necessarily the time this impending Intervention will occur. Jesus told us to “watch” (Mark 13: 37). It could happen right this moment while you are reading this commentary!
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